Worldwide FM

Category tags are visible and clickable, cards clearly lead to a new page, purple colour is prominent and easy to find

Menu is nice and simple, hamburger with cross on both desktop and mob

Sound player pops up at the bottom of the screen. Category title is subtle and cards are the same on each page for consistency


Super simple search page, buttons are consistently rounded, type is consistent. The PLAY buttons are top in hierarchy

There is A LOT of info on the home screen, vertical and horizontal scroll make this easy to navigate. Dark background means colourful covers stand out. Green is sparsely used. Three main navigations are almost always accessible in bottom bar. Music player pops-up to see more detail and options. Navigation is made easy by click-able playlist titles, artists and album titles.

BBC Sounds

Nav bar is static reminding user that they're on home page. Horizontal scroll with curve to nav through radio stations.

Hierarchy of 'unmissable sounds' against continue listening, which has a quick 'play' button.

Brief intros to each mix, lowest hierarchy tells us the length. Player stays above bottom menu bar. Bottom nav menu is the key to getting around the app.

Categories are different cards to the playlists and tracks. Secondary links, straight-to-the point.


Personal page has further navigation to my saved and subscribed tracks. As well as a feed with my personal latest according to my subscriptions.

Search feature is prominent across all apps. Links to categories on search page is a nice touch.

Login screen is really clear and gets to the point with the one-liner

Clean, basic sign-in screen with all the necessaries to get in

Upload button in top, right. People I follow are first, then recommendations. Bottom nav is same across all sound apps

Latest uploads are complex cards with access to share, re-post and like as well as plays count, time count, share and like count. A lot of info. Done well.

Clicking on a track brings up more options to interact. Pops up from the bottom of the page.

My library takes me to various options, perhaps too many. Recently played is a useful nav.

My profile includes basic info, my playlists with track counts, link to share or save.

Upload pop-up is necessary and simple.

Upload screen is basic and clear, this can be a reference.

Map showing seasonality of species via colour-code. Showing sound play. List of birds.